Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) 

Orchestre de Paris
Conductor : Christoph Eschenbach

Tabea Zimmermann (viola)

BAC016 / CONCERT recorded live at the Salle Pleyel (Paris) in 2001

A traditional filming reproduces the perspective of an audience in its seat armed with opera glasses. This film shows just the opposite – the spectator is placed in the orchestra among the musicians and in front of the conductor. We thus have the perspective of the musicians and the emotions they live with Cristoph Eschenbach. The effect of being in the very midst of these always surprising scores is nothing short of spectacular. For ‘Harold in Italy’, violist Tabea Zimmermann joins maestro Eschenbach and the Orchestre de Paris.

  • Director: Andy Sommer
  • Length: 103 minutes - Image: 16/9 NTSC
  • Audio: PCM Stereo / Dolby digital 5.1
  • Zones: All Zones - 1 disc(s) - Release date: