L'intégrale (Vol. 1 & 2) 

Les Sylphides - Le Grand Pas de Quatre - Yes, Virginia, Another Piano Ballet - The Dying Swan – Paquita - Swan Lake - Le Corsaire (Pas de Deux) - Go for Barocco - Raymonda’s Wedding

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Musical Director : Pierre-Michel Durand

BAC605 / Ballet recorded live at la Maison de la Danse, Lyon

The original concept of LES BALLETS TROCKADERO DE MONTE CARLO has not changed since 1974. It is a Company of professional male dancers performing the full range of the ballet and modern dance repertoire, including classical and original works in faithful renditions of the manners and conceits of those dance styles. The comedy is achieved by incorporating and exaggerating the foibles, accidents, and underlying incongruities of serious dance.
The fact that men dance all the parts–heavy bodies delicately balancing on toes as swans, sylphs, water sprites, romantic princesses, angst-ridden Victorian ladies–enhances rather than mocks the spirit of dance as an art form, delighting and amusing the most knowledgeable, as well as novices, in the audiences. For the future, there are plans for new works in the repertoire: new cities, states and countries to perform in; and for the continuation of the TROCKS’ original purpose: to bring the pleasure of dance to the widest possible audience. They will, as they have done for thirty four years, “Keep on Trockin’.”


‘’For more than three decades the Trocks, as this New York-based troupe is fondly known, have demonstrated that it is those who love an art form the most who are best placed to parody it. In their case it is dance, and particularly old-school ballet, that is scrutinised and affectionately skewered by men in tutus, pointe shoes and loads of slap.’’ Donald Hutera
‘’Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo are the world’s greatest ballet parodists, combining rock-solid classical technique with a blazing love for the art form and a fiendish eye for its conventions and pretensions.’’

‘’The Trocks have become a much-loved comic turn on the dance circuit – and like all familiar treats, they are required never, ever to change.’’
Judith Mackrell, GUARDIAN, LONDON

  • Director: Luc Riolon
  • Bonus: Backstage (6 min), Interview Tory Dobrin (10 min)
  • Length: 104 min + 90 min - Image: 16/9 NTSC
  • Audio: PCM Stereo / Dolby digital 5.1
  • Subtitles: French / English
  • Zones: All Zones - 2 disc(s) - Release date: