Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) 

The Firebird
Choreography : Michel Fokine (1910)
With Ekaterina Kondaurova

The Rite of Spring
Choreography after Nijinsky (1913)
Recomposition : M. Hodson et K. Archer
With Alexandra Iosifidi, Elena Bazhenova

Ballet & Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre
Musical Direction : Valery Gergiev

BAC041 / Ballet recorded at the Mariinsky Theatre in 2008

In celebration of the venue of the Ballets Russes in Paris in 1909, a wonderful Stravinsky night at the Mariinsky (ex-Kirov) with the original Nijinsky version of the Rite of Spring for the first time on DVD and the Firebird both conducted by Valery Gergiev.
The Firebird is a russian folk tale in two scenes commissionned at the young Stravinsky by Diaghilev and premiered at the Paris Opera House in 1910. The ballet was an immediate success. The Ballets Russes enabled The choreographer Fokine could bring his enterprise the right amount of novelty needed to captivate but not clash with the audience. I twas a total succes.
The premiere of The Rite of Spring at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Paris, on may 1913 caused a veritable scandal. The audience was shocked by the primitive violence of the ballet. I twas so radically rejected that the ballet was taken off after eight perfomrances. Although long forgotten, thanks to the relentless work of Millicent Hodson, Nijinsky’s original choreography was recreated.
The Orchestra and Ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre are conducted by Valery Gergiev.

  • Director: Denis Caïozzi
  • Bonus: Interviews of M. Hodson and K. Archer (30 min)
  • Length: 85 minutes - Image: 16/9 NTSC
  • Audio: PCM Stereo / Dolby digital 5.1
  • Subtitles: French / English
  • Zones: All Zones - 1 disc(s) - Release date: