David and Jonathas


Biblical drama in one prologue and 5 acts Music : Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704) Libretto : Père François de Paule Bretonneau
David Pascal Charbonneau
Jonathas Ana Quintans
Saül Neal Davies
Achis Frédéric Caton
Les Arts Florissants Conductor : William Christie Stage director : Andreas Homoki

BAC093 / Opera recorded at the Aix-en-Provence Festival

Rare biblical opera “David and Jonathas” is with “Médée”, one of the two major works of the French Baroque composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier. The opera is in the in repertoire of Les Arts Florissants since 1988 and was first presented in a stage production by William Christie in Aix-en-Provence Festival 2012. This DVD release is a special event for all lovers of Baroque music. Written a year after the death of Lully, this lyric tragedy allows Charpentier to develop beyond the religious dimension, a story of a male friendship and forbidden love between David and Jonathas. An excellent cast gathered around William Christie and Les Arts Florissants chose young singers to the title roles. Written for male voices, the cast gives to Pascal Charbonneau, a young tenor and a former student of the European Academy of Music, the role of David. The role of Jonathas is given to a woman: soprano Ana Quintans. The rest of the cast meets Neal Davies (Saül), Frédéric Caton (Achis), Krešimir Špicer (Joabel) and Dominique Visse (La Pythonisse). The almost surrealist staging by Andreas Homoki (new Director of the Zurich Opera since summer 2012) avoids illustration and focuses on the psychological aspect of this prevented love story. It gives a moving reading of the drama. This production was shown at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival (august 2012) and will be shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in New York in april 2013.

A coedition of Bel Air Classiques and Les Arts Florissants


“Paris-based Les Arts Florissants have an admirable capacity for boldly reimagining the Baroque for the modern day, as their adaptation of David et Jonathas shows” THE TELEGRAPH “Conductor William Christie brings the score dazzlingly to life… through buoyant, tripletime dances and aching laments.” THE GUARDIAN (UK)

  • Director: Stéphane Metge
  • Length: 130 min - Image: Color, 16/9, NTSC
  • Audio: PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Subtitles: FR / ANGL / ALL / ESP
  • Zones: All Zones - 1 disc(s) - Release date: