Tempe sous un crane

After Les Miserables by Victor Hugo 

Adaptation :
Camille de La Guillonnière and Jean Bellorini

Stage direction : Jean Bellorini

Music creation : Celine Ottri

With : Matthew Coblentz, Karyll Elgrichi, Camille of Guillonniere, Clara Mayer, Celine Ottri, Geoffroy Rondeau, Hugo Sablic


BAC072 / Theatre recorded at the Cartoucherie de Vincennes

Literally “Tempest in a Skull,” a stage adaptation of ‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo. The story and the musical setting of these texts remains poignant despite the centuries that separate us from their creation, but also through the work, professionalism, effort and passion of Compagnie Air de Lune.

“You are right, sir, when you say that the book Les Miserables is written for all people. I do not know if it will be read by everyone, but I wrote it for all. It is for England as much as Spain, Italy as well as France, Germany as well as Ireland, the republics have slaves as well as empires that have serfs. Social problems transcend borders. The wounds of the human race, these large wounds that cover the globe, do not stop with blue or red lines drawn on the map. Wherever man ignores and despair wherever the woman sells bread, wherever the child is suffering because of a book that teaches and fireplace that warms the book Les Miserables knocks at the door and said, Open to me, I come to you.” Letter from Victor Hugo in 1862 to Mr. Deal, editor of the Italian translation of ‘Les Mis’ in Milan.

  • Director: Jérémie Cuvillier
  • Length: 160 min - Image: 16/9 PAL
  • Audio: PCM Stereo
  • Zones: All Zones - 2 disc(s) - Release date: