Fosse : Rêve d’Automne


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Patrice Chéreau “comes back” to the theater almost 8 years after Phèdre with the play “Rêve d’Automne” by Jon Fosse. With Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi.

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Rêve d’Automne

Patrice Chéreau “comes back” to the theater almost 8 years after Phedre. With the play “Rêve d’Automne” he recovers the foundation of “his” theater with a text from the particular writter : Jon Fosse. A theater where the characters are no longer only linked to a story but rather through their feelings and their questioning about the world. They are no longer names, but “He”, “She” “Man”, “Woman” or “The Mother” in this “Rêve d’Automne”. And it is not for disembodied the story, but rather to push to this specific links between the characters : the emotions.

This particular exchange between the bodies and the stage is found in the middle of an unexpected setting: a room in the Louvre. This magestic and mysterious place inspired the decorator Richard Peduzzi , he recreated exactly the set for a theater stage. When Patrice Chéreau worked on this adaptation he focused on the mystery of the human beings and their hidden meaning.

It is with actors from his “family” that he created this play. Bulle Ogier is a loyal collaborator from «  Les Amandiers », Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi is a former student, Pascal Greggory, is his favorite actor for over a decade, Michelle Marquais, Bernard Verley and Marie Bunel.

For the costume designs, Patrice Chéreau continues his collaboration with Caroline de Vivaise started long ago for the movie and recently on stage (“La Maison de Morts” in Vienna or “Tristan and Isolde” in Milan). For the lighting design, he also called an old collaborator : Dominique Bruguiere.

The show was filmed on tour at the Theatre National de Bretagne in Rennes in May 2011.


Rêve d’Automne

A play by Jon Fosse
Translated from Norwegian by Terje Sinding © 2005 L’Arche Editeur

With Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi
Pascal Greggory
Bulle Ogier
Bernard Verley
Marie Bunel
Michelle Marquais
Alexandre Styker

Stage direction : Patrice Chéreau
Sets : Richard Peduzzi
Costumes : Caroline de Vivaise
Lighting design : Dominique Bruguière
Sound design : Eric Neveux

Technical informations

HD recording : Théâtre national de Bretagne | 05/2011
TV direction : Stéphane Metge
Release date : 06 November 2012
Distribution : Naxos Distribution

: BAC077
Barcode : 3760115300774
Running time : 129 min.
Film : 103 min.
Bonus : Interview with Patrice Chéreau (26 min.)
Subtitles : ENG
Image : Color, 16/9, PAL
Sound : PCM 2.0
Region code : 0

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