Ekman : Midsummer Night’s Dream [VOD]


Midsummer Night’s Dream

After the sensational success of A Swan Lake, performed by the Norwegian National Ballet in 2014 at the Oslo Opera, the choreographical prodige Alexander Ekman created his Midsummer Night’s dream in April 2015 for the Royal Swedish Ballet at the Stockholm Opera. A powerful contemporary piece that explores the energy and the mysteries conjured up by the summer solstice in the scandinavian tradition !

It is the height of summer, the longest day of the year, and everyone gets together to celebrate the most loved of all traditions – Midsummer. Expectations are high, seven kinds of flower must be picked, schnapps must be drunk, and everyone dances giddily around the maypole – perhaps there will even be new love in the air? It is a night filled of love and eroticism as nature gushes with vitality. The border between the world of mortals and the kingdom of the supernatural becomes thinner and thinner as the bottle becomes emptier and emptier. Traditions play jokes on us, the world changes and suddenly we are no longer sure – is it all a dream?… a midsummer night’s dream.

A vast and ambitious project, Midsummer Night’s dream is danced by the Royal Swedish Ballet and set to a music by Mikael Karlsson. Swedish star pop singer Anna von Hausswolff sings through this great production, evidently one of a kind.


Midsummer Night’s Dream [DVD & Blu-ray]

Music : Mikael Karlsson (*1975)
Vocals : Anna Von Hausswolff
Lyrics : Mikael Karlsson & Anna Von Hausswolff
Sound design : Mikael Karlsson & Alexander Ekman

The Dreamer : Dragos Mihalcea
Hostess : Jenny Nilsson
Mistress : Sarah-Jane Brodbeck
Love Couples : Lea Ved
Ross Martinson
Amanda Åkesson
Devon Carbone
Dreamwomen : Daria Ivanova
Desislava Stoeva
Mr Canon : Johnny Mcmillan
A bubbler : Ross Martinson
Chef on pointes : Daniel Norgren-Jensen

Royal Swedish Ballet

Choreography & set designs : Alexander Ekman

A film by Tommy Pascal

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 « Among the best things I have ever experienced on a stage. Ever. All categories » – Per Sinding Larsen

« Regardless what you think you’re interested in, let go of everything and go to see ‘Midsommarnattsdrom”! I’ve seen concerts and exhibitions all over the world for 35 years. This is one of my life’s greatest stage experiences » – Jar Gradvall