The Alexander Kalioujny Class [VOD]


The Alexander Kalioujny Class

Enter the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris and follow the young students’ dance lessons, taught by Danseurs Étoiles Élisabeth Platel (also Director of the Ballet School) and Charles Jude in the style of legendary ballet master Alexander Kalioujny…

A ‘‘Danseur Étoile’’ and ballet master, Alexander ‘‘Sasha’’ Kalioujny was born in Prague in 1923 to emigrants Russian parents. After a brilliant carreer in Serge Lifar’s Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris, he was appointed ballet teacher at the Nice Conservatoire. In 1970, he was called back to the Opéra by the other ‘‘Étoiles’’ so that he could teach their classes. There, he devised a training highly praised by dancers, focusing on technique, strength and movement mastery. In 1985, Rudolf Nureyev, then Ballet Director, started planning a book based on those classes, but died before he could complete this project. Thirty-five years later, this film aims to be the living memory of his classes, reconstituted by his former students, Danseurs Étoiles Élisabeth Platel and Charles Jude, and performed by the young dancers of the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris. A fascinating testimony and an indispensable work tool for all classical dancers around the world.



The Alexander Kalioujny Class [DVD]

with Élisabeth Platel & Charles Jude (Danseurs Étoiles)

and the students of the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris
Apolline Anquetil
Maya Candeloro
Lisa Gaillard-Bortolotti
Mailène Katoch
Sarah Leduc
Inès McIntosh
Hortense Pajtler
Enzo Cardix
Max Darlington
Grégoire Duchevet
François Leblanc-Delpech
Benjamin Meslier
Osiris Onambele Ngono
Kylian Tilagone
Tangui Trévinal
Marius Rubio
Enzo Saugar

Pianists Claire Djourado & Gaëlle Sadaune

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Special features :
Interviews with Élisabeth Platel
Conversation between Charles Jude & Élisabeth Platel
Interview with Charles Jude
Interview with Noëlla Pontois, Danseuse Étoile
Interview with Attilio Labis, Danseur Étoile
Interview with Gil Isoart, Danseur et pédagogue
Interview with the students (girls)
Interview with the students (boys)