The Lied. A Journey’s Tale (told by André Tubeuf)


The Lied. A Journey’s Tale (told by André Tubeuf)

‘‘Of course, there is much grander music, more sublime music, but there is no music that is more direct or
intimate. That is to say, there is nothing we need more.’’
– André Tubeuf

In his Parisian living room, music critic André Tubeuf (1930-2021) tells, with his knowledge, his language and his memory, the story of the German Lied. From Mozart and Beethoven to Mahler and Strauss, through Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf, a major part of the European culture and of music history is reborn before our eyes and ears. A series in seven episodes by Martin Mirabel.

Episode 1 : Mozart & Beethoven – The Lied’s Dawn 

Episode 2 : Schubert – Water Beyond the Soul 

Episode 3 : Schubert – Winter Journey 

Episode 4 : Schumann – The Mourning Flowers

Episode 5 : Brahms – An Immense Goodness

Episode 6 : Wolf – The Customized Poets

Episode 7 : Mahler & Strauss – The Lied’s Dusk