Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker [VOD]


Tchaikovsky : The Nutcracker

On Christmas Eve, a young girl has a dream… Emotional awakening, physical transformation, childhood that slowly merges into adulthood… behind what seems to be a tale for children slowly emerges a danced initiatory journey. And while children revel in Drosselmeyer’s magic tricks and enjoy a good scare with the apparition of the Mouse King, the adults notice all the finesse that pervades this narrative and admire the virtuosity of the choreography.

A first class company, the Ballet Company of the National Opera of Ukraine has toured all around the world : from the United States to Europe and Asia. Thanks to its rich classical heritage, the Company has managed to win the hearts of its audience thanks to its amazing technique and artistic maestria, and as in every good dance company, the whole is equal to the sum of its parts. The Company has also, over the years, establised itself as a unique talent pool, that has nurtured first class dancers such as Iana Salenko (Staatsballet Berlin), Alina Cojocaru (Royal Ballet), Maxim Beloserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko (American Ballet Theater) ; and the young gifted dancers that make the Ballet’s reputation ensure the preservation of the classical heritage of this historical and world-renowned company.


Tchaikovsky : The Nutcracker [VOD]

Ballet in two acts

After The Nutcracker by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann and Marius Petipa
Music : Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography : Valery Kovtun

Costumes and sets : Mariia Levytska
Lighting design : Igor Samarets

Stahlbaurn : Oleksiy Kovalenko
His Wife : Liudmyla Melnyk
Clara, Their Daughter : Iuliia Moskalenko
Fritz, Clara’s Brother : Ielizaveta Gogidze
Drosselmeyer : Iaroslav Tkachuk
The Nutcracker (doll) : Ielizaveta Cherniak
The Nutcracker / The Prince : Mykyta Sukhorukov
Mouseking : Ruslan Avramenko
Harlequin : Sergii Kliachin
Columbine : Ganna Muromtseva
She-Devil : Marjia Nelen
Devil : Volodymyr Kutuzov

Ballet Company of the National Opera of Ukraine

Orchestra and Chorus of the National Opera of Ukraine

Conductor : Oleksiy Baklan

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